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A Showcase Event for one of the most exciting

new technologies in the world

We're looking for the right place to hold the first

Annual Dronadoon Challenges

Visit the Dronadoon website


June 20-25, 2017

  • Drone dog fights
  • Best in Class challenges for Design, Agility, Speed, Image Capture, Payload carry etc.
  • Trade show
  • Commercial, government and military demos
  • Roundtable on the Future of Drones
  • and much more...

Do you have the resources to host this event?

One thousand contiguous acres nearby your city/town

2000 Hotel Rooms within a 25 mile radius

Campground facilities for 2500 - 5000 people within a 25 mile radius

Convention and meeting rooms

Local high speed Internet

Liason and Reception Services

Interested in hosting Dronadoon 2017?

Make sure your Visits & Trips Profile is up-to-date then contact:

Venue decision to be made, April 30th, 2016