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Connect with the Travel Agents

Your V&T Business Center will be published in and providing agents with direct access to your website and your contact information.

  • is a US-based host agency with a current membership of over 275 travel agents.
  • with over 15,600 agents currently registered, it is the travel industry's pre-eminent online resource center for travel agencies and professional travel agents who are doing the daily work of organizing FIT, Group and Corporate travel.

Both sites provide a wide array of research tools, travel management programs, CMS, CRM and vendor databases that enable them to provide first class travel services to their clients. and combined membership will reach nearly 29,000 active agents by the end of 2015...with significant year over year growth into the foreseeable future. gives your business the opportunity to develop long-term, profitable relationships with travel agents around the world.  Our team can help you

  • Arrange webinars and teleconferences with agents;
  • Promote and publicize conventions, meetings and events;
  • Promote Fam Tours, inspections and other "get to know you" gatherings.

The travel industry generated $1.75 trillion in direct global revenues during 2010, and is forecast to grow to $3.4 trillion in 2020